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How did I enroll in Savings2Go™?

Stonebridge Benefit Services, Inc. markets membership programs through partner relationships and direct to consumers. Marketing via a partner relationship normally occurs during a phone call made by you or from the partner's web site:

Enrollment Process:

After viewing a television infomercial, listening to a radio advertisement, or receiving a direct mail advertisement, you either called the toll-free number to purchase the product advertised or visited a website. During your transaction, the sales associate would have told you about the program, and offered to enroll you. At the time of enrollment you were offered an incentive (possibly gas vouchers, grocery coupons, a gift card, or mail-in rebate) along with a free 30-day trial membership to Savings2Go™ from Stonebridge Benefit Services.

Telephone Experience:

First Paragraph of the offer on the phone
As our way of saying thank you, I'd like to send you an incentive (gas vouchers, grocery coupons, gift card, mail-in rebate) along with a risk free 30-day trial membership from Savings2Go™. Savings2Go™ is an all inclusive shopping, entertainment, and travel program from Stonebridge Benefit Services that offers savings and instant rewards.

Partner Website Experience:

When you placed an order on the merchant website to purchase your product, you would have received an opportunity to receive $10 cash back or $600 in Grocery Coupons on your purchase. When you entered your email address and clicked on the "Claim My $10 Cash Back" or "Get $600 in Grocery Coupons" button you received a free 30-Day Trial membership to Savings2Go™.

The first billing to your credit card would have occurred about 45 days after you received your Savings2Go™ e-fulfillment membership materials unless you called the toll-free customer service number to cancel.